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How to Make Gluten Free Grain and Seed Bars

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If you have a gluten intolerance, enjoying healthy grain and seed bars is no longer a problem. Indeed, today we present and explain how to do them. These recipes are totally suitable for those intolerant to gluten , since they include grains that are 100% free of this protein.


The gluten is a protein that can be found in most cereals (wheat, barley, rye …) and therefore flour. For this reason, many people believe that those who suffer from gluten intolerance should refrain from consuming all types of cereals.

On the contrary, there are other cereals that are perfectly compatible with a gluten-free diet , since they do not contain it. These cereals are:

Buckwheat or buckwheat.
In this way, people with gluten intolerance can enjoy these foods, including other cereals in their diet . However, we must bear in mind that many other foods may contain gluten , either as a main ingredient or due to contamination during processing. Among them, we can cite:

Concentrated broths

First recipe for gluten-free grain and seed bars

The best option to include in a gluten-free grain and seed bar is to opt for oatmeal. It is a cereal rich in vegetable fats and proteins. In addition, it has a high content of B vitamins and is rich in minerals such as magnesium, iron, sodium or potassium.

Contrary to popular belief, oats are gluten-free . Indeed, oats contain avenin, a protein that is very similar to the proteins included under the name “gluten”, but is not. In fact, only 1% of people with celiac disease cannot eat oats .


100 g oats
60 g walnuts
40 g of almonds
50 g of sunflower and pumpkin seeds
100 g of dates
100 g raisins
2 tablespoons of grated coconut
2 tablespoons of coconut oil


First, we crush the walnuts, almonds and seeds together.
Next, in another container, we crush the dates and raisins and, later, we add the contents of the previous container. We must have a kind of pasta.
Then, in a pot, heat the coconut oil a little. When it has cooled down, we add it to our pasta and mix everything very well.
Later, we spread the dough on a rectangular mold and cover everything. We must crush well with the spoon.
Then, we put the mold in the refrigerator for at least an hour.
After the necessary time of refrigeration, we only have to cut into bars of the size we want. Our gluten-free cereal and seed bars are ready.

Second recipe for gluten-free grain and seed bars


150 g of corn flakes type cereals
4 tablespoons of honey
100 g of seed mix
50 g raspberries
First, we crush the cereals and add the seeds.
Then we add the honey and mix everything very well.
Next, we wash the raspberries very well and chop them. Then, we add them to the mixture of cereals with honey and seeds.
Subsequently, we spread the dough or pasta that we have obtained on a rectangular mold and cover everything. We must crush well with the spoon.
Then, we put the mold in the refrigerator for half an hour.
When they have cooled down, we just have to cut the rectangular pasta into bars of the size we want.
Finally, enjoy!
Now you know that “cereal” does not mean gluten and that, therefore, if you have an intolerance to this protein, you can enjoy delicious grain and seed bars without any problem. In addition to being energetic, they are healthy and perfect to fill you with energy. Enjoy them!


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